Why is better than local backup?

Is Alfafile really better than a local back up? This is one of the most common questions often asked by those who are interested in trying their service. They want to know if it’s really worth the investment, considering that they have to pay for the online storage, and if it’s really secured enough that their important data will never get stolen. So, to help you determine if it’s really ideal or not, we’re here to discuss why is better than local back-up.

Is Alfafile.Net Really Better?

Most technological experts would agree and even tell you that having an online backup is way better than storing your data on a physical hard drive or on your computer. One notable advantage of this is the fact that your data would be stored away from home or office, meaning you wouldn’t have to worry about natural calamities or disasters that could potentially destroy your optical discs, external hard drive or other local backup destinations or media you have. Likewise, with a data stored physically, there’s always the risk that it would get stolen, or encounter hardware failures.

Readily Accessible

Another wonderful benefit of uploading your files in is that it would be readily available right when you need it. Likewise, you’ll also be able to share it with other people as well– all you have to do is give them the URL.

Also, with a cloud account, you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to gain access to your files. You simply need to log in, and that’s about it. Your files are waiting for you to be downloaded.

Cost Effectiveness

The reason is getting more and more popular is because it’s an affordable way to create backups. With a cloud storage provider, no need to maintain any hardware or software related to backup storage. Your only responsibility is to pay the monthly fees on time, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy substantial savings later on.


Since is highly scalable, you are allowed to have as much or as little space depending on your needs. In fact, you can even upgrade your storage capacity if needed.

Disaster Recovery

Considering that is a remote backup solution, your data is safe in an even of calamity or catastrophe. Furthermore, since there isn’t any physical equipment involved, the process is faster than traditional methods. That’s why a lot of companies opt for this solution in keeping their important files.

Friendly Reminder

Despite that is really a wonderful storage solution, it’s still better if you also have a backup plan in case something goes awry. This is where you can consider having a local backup as well.

Final Words

Everyone should be familiar with the importance of backing up their data– to prevent data loss, and to ensure that you’ll be able to access these important files when necessary. Although you can store your files on an external hard drive, we believe that uploading it in Alfafile will give you more benefits, and the peace of mind that your data are secured.

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