Ever since the emergence of cloud storage platforms, it has become extremely easy to store, share, edit, and manage files online.

Apparently, you do not even need flash disks, hard drives, and external storage devices anymore. You can easily upload and access your files remotely anytime you need from the comfort of your home or office using a PC, laptop, or smartphone.

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What is is a cloud storage provider (file hosting service) that allows users to upload, share, and manage their files and documents remotely. Basically, this file hosting service provides storage, backup, and sharing solutions to internet users across the globe.

The most exciting aspect about this platform is that signing up is free, but is it advisable that you register for an Alfafile premium account to enjoy more amazing features such as lightning upload/download speeds, parallel downloads, and unlimited storage space.

Background information

Founded in 2014, Alfafile has been active for slightly over 5 years. The company that runs this platform is based in Scotland, with several subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Bahamas, Czech Republic, and the Russian Federation. Even though the company has been around for a short time, Alfafile has built an excellent reputation during this period to become one of the most reliable file hosting platforms available today.

User Interface

Alfafile has a professional-looking website that is not only appealing, but also very easy to use. Moreover, the main page is easily navigable in terms of placement of menus and login options. Whether you want to sign up for a free account, log in as a member, or buy an Alfafile premium account, you can complete all these tasks effortlessly from the home page.

What is more amazing is that the Alfafile website is accessible in 13 different languages. This makes it convenient for international members who might prefer to use their native dialects. You can select your ideal language from the drop-down menu at the top right corner of the home page.

Signing up

For you to upload or download files with Alfafile, you have to sign up. Fortunately, the registration process is fast and straightforward. You just need to enter a valid email address, generate a password, and fill out the provided Captcha code to create a free Alfafile account. Once you complete the signup process, you can start uploading your files right away.


Operating your Alfafile account is similarly as easy as signing up. Alfafile offers you three different options you can use to upload your files remotely. These options include:

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

FTP is undoubtedly one of the fastest and safest ways of uploading files online. You just need to open the FTP client provided by Alfafile and drag & drop your files into the upload folder. Web Upload works in a similar manner to FTP. The only difference is that you do not use an FTP client. Instead, you simply click the “Add Files” button or drop your files into the upload window. Conversely, remote upload requires you to enter a URL that links to your file to upload your documents.

Web upload

The best part is that Alfafile is compatible with almost all types of devices. Essentially, you can access your files anywhere via your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or PC as long as you have a stable internet connection. This allows users to upload, manage, and share files conveniently while on the go.

Remote upload

However, Alfafile has various limitations that affect free accounts. Apparently, you can only keep files for 30 days from the day of upload. Furthermore, download speeds are limited to 1MB per second. With this in mind, it makes sense to upgrade to an Alfafile premium account to enjoy unlimited features.


Cloud storage platforms are relatively safe, and Alfafile is not an exception. However, with the emergence of new hacking techniques, internet users might be worried if Alfafile is safe for use. The good news is that this file hosting provider takes matters to do with security with the seriousness it deserves.

From the onset, all new members are encouraged to create strong passwords to secure their accounts. In addition, the company uses the latest SSL encryption system to protect files against illegal access, theft, and hacking. This security measure applies to both free registered users and Alfafile premium account holders.

Moreover, Alfafile offers backup services that guarantee the safe storage of your files just in case of any mishaps. This means that you can easily restore your files in the unlikely event that a hacking attempt is successful or your data is compromised.

Additionally, Alfafile has a watertight privacy policy that ensures that all your data is safe. According to this policy, the company promises not to share your details with any third parties.

Alfafile Free Membership

alfafile premium benefits
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As mentioned earlier, creating an account with Alfafile is 100% free. The only requirements to join are your email address and password. Nevertheless, free account holders have to grapple with various restrictions such as slow download speed, limited storage space, and capped monthly bandwidth. In addition, you cannot download files simultaneously, and you have to wait for a specified period before you can access the download link.

As if that is not enough, free membership does not support “download resume,” meaning that you have to restart the download process all over again in case of any disconnections. In terms of storage, free users are eligible to web space of up to 1TB, and Alfafile automatically deletes all uploaded files after 30 days.

The most annoying aspect about free membership is the adverts that keep popping up before and during the download process. You also have to enter a Captcha code before you can initiate a download process. To avoid all these restrictions, it is advisable that you upgrade to a premium account.

Premium Account

Unlike free membership, premium members enjoy a wide array of unlimited file hosting services. Firstly, you can upload or download files up to 50GB in one session. Furthermore, Alfafile premium allows for parallel downloads where you can extract multiple files at the same time. What is more amazing is that you do not have to wait or enter a Captcha code before you can initiate a download process.

In terms of bandwidth, premium accounts allow for up to 12 TB monthly. Moreover, members enjoy storage space of up 10TB. As if that is not enough, Alfafile does not delete uploaded files belonging to premium members. This allows you to upload and keep as many files as possible without worrying about automatic deletion.

Another interesting feature is that Alfafile premium supports various download accelerators. With unlimited download speeds, you can enjoy fast instant downloads. Moreover, you do not have to put up with annoying ads all the time when uploading or downloading files.

Most importantly, Alfafile allows you to create direct links and hot links that you can share with your friends and other users. These links enable third parties to download your files quickly without having to register with Alfafile.



An Alfafile premium account is relatively affordable if the benefits that you stand to gain are anything to go by. Moreover, Alfafile offers four different price offerings for their premium accounts to suit any budget. The four packages include:

  1. The $14.99 package offers premium coverage for 30 days. It includes 1TB of storage and 1TB of bandwidth, along with all the other features that come with a premium account such as simultaneous downloads and unlimited speeds.
  2. The $34.99 package covers 90 days and includes 1 TB of storage and 3TB of bandwidth. It also includes all the features that come with a premium account.
  3. This package offers unlimited premium access for 180 days, and it includes 5 TB and up to 6 TB of bandwidth.
  4. The 89.99 premium package covers one full, and it includes 10 TB storage and 12 TB bandwidth.

Payment methods

Notably, Alfafile supports several payment options that you may use to unlock your preferred premium package. These include:

  • Credit cards e.g., MasterCard, VISA, JCB
  • Paysafecard
  • Bitcoin
  • Local payment methods

Importantly, Alfafile uses SSL encryption to protect all payment transactions. Whether you are using your credit card or paying via Bitcoin, you can rest assured that your card information is safe from online theft.

Interestingly, you can cancel your premium membership at anytime if the services offered do not meet your expectations.

Alfafile Premium Account Pros and Cons


  • Unlimited download speeds

  • Simultaneous downloads

  • Unlimited runtime for uploaded files

  • Expansive storage space

  • Download resume upon reconnection

  • Supports various download accelerators

  • No advertisements

  • No download waiting times

  • No Captcha codes

  • Priority support

  • Reasonable price plans

  • No money back guarantee

Support and Help

Premium members are eligible to priority support whereby the Alfafile help desk team responds to queries in the shortest time possible. Free registered users may only contact support via email or through ticketing.


Alfafile has only been around for less than a decade, but the company has built an excellent reputation over the years, thanks to its exceptional services. Essentially, you can now upload, share, and download your files easily using a wide range of devices. However, to avoid the restrictions of using a free account, it is advisable that you purchase a premium account. Upgrade to an Alfafile premium account and benefit from unlimited file hosting services at reasonable price plans.

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